The Incredible Story of Felix

We'd love for you read the beautiful success story of my good friend Felix. He was the first person we had the pleasure of building a home for and our experience helping him has motivated us to replicate this story over and over again.

Felix and his wife lived in El Sauce, Nicaragua. El Sauce is located in rural Nicaragua where 46% of the population lives on less than $2.00 a day. Poverty is a crippling problem here that is cyclical from one generation to the next.

Felix, his wife Margarita and their infant daughter Seyling lived in a home made of sticks and plastic wrap. With a harsh rainy season, water constantly leaked into their home and winds easily took out entire walls. Felix spent the majority of his day fixing his own home, and as an unemployed construction worker, paying construction jobs were scarce. Felix explained the process of maintaining their home as "something that needs to be done everyday in order to keep your family safe."

With Maragarita spending her day taking care of Seyling and Felix constantly doing home repairs, they didn't have much time to advance economically. They seemed to be stuck.

When our nonprofit partner the 4Walls Project told us about Felix's family ago, our mission truly began. WholeStory was able to fund a new home for Felix and his family. As we sold hammock after hammock we realized something; this was much more than giving a person a meal or a pair of shoes, this was giving them a new beginning, something that lasted a lifetime.


I’ve had  the opportunity to travel to Nicaragua many times and have become great friends with Felix, Maragarita and Seyling. I would see first hand the impact we had created, and what I experienced blew me away. The first time I met Felix I was being followed by a group of timid, but curious Nicaraguan children and when I met Felix in the center of his village he dropped his bike and gave each of me a giant hug. A huge smile covered his face.

"You are the ones that built my home! The hammock guy, you helped build my home!"

The appreciation I felt was extraordinary. As we walked to Felix's home he told us how his life had changed after his new house was built. He was now employed by the 4Walls Project as a head mason and led other home builds around his neighborhood. Without the constant home maintenance, Felix now had the time to take English classes at a local school with the goal of becoming an English teacher. After going to class with him, we observed Felix speaking fluent English and even teaching some of his classmates. Felix soon got a job as an English teacher at the local school. He is now teaching children english and providing a better future for every one of his students.  

Seyling is now in school herself and every night, Felix was teaches her a bit of English. Providing this home for Felix's family was much more than a short-term aid. It impacted his family's entire future. It helped remove them from the cycle of poverty.

Felix told us his favorite part was that he now can help advance his entire community. He can give English lessons, build homes and actually see his community getting stronger. Most importantly though, Seyling now has a safe place to grow up and learn.

Today Felix is building homes and building up his community.

The impact a new home has for a family in need is incredible. It gives a family a new start and enhances their future. By building this home, Felix could work to provide meals and education to his family instead of constantly worrying about their shelter. Empowering just one person empowers an entire community.

Join us in duplicating these success stories throughout the world. We can't do this alone. Thank you for taking the time to read through this. We hope it has made you aware of the impact you can have on a person’s life, and has motivated you to change it for the better.

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