A hammock a day keeps the doctors away

We all know that hammocks are comfortable and relaxing. But did we all know there are scientifically proven health benefits to using and sleeping in hammocks? Read through this list to see how a hammock can help you sleep and improve that health of yours.

  1. Dr. Steven Park of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine states that sleeping on your back with your head slightly elevated is the healthiest sleeping position. It improves blood to brain circulation and improves breathing. Think about how you sleep in a hammock...on your back with your head slightly elevated. EUREKA! Hammocks are the chosen sleeping solution for cultures all around the world.
  2. Hammocks rock! No pun intended, but hammocks literally rock side to side. This swaying motion increases sleepiness, very similar to a baby being rocked to sleep. That's right, even if you aren't a baby your body still loves being rocked like one!
  3. Our hammocks have a very flexible weave. There are no hardened surfaces that you will lay on. A hammock's design creates a zero pressure point lounging system. No single part of your body is taking on more pressure than another part, creating an extremely comfortable relaxation session. When using a hammock all of your vertebrae actually align properly.
  4. Laying in a hammock actually reduces stress levels. Hanging in midair underneath a blue sky has been proven to reduce stress levels and improves concentration. Lower stress levels also equal lower blood pressure.

All we're saying at WholeStory Hammocks is that we sell hammocks because they truly are an incredible piece of furniture. It gets you outside, improves your sleep, and reduces stress. They're colorful and beautiful, and ours alleviate poverty in Nicaragua. Hammocks over everything.

Start hammocking and get healthy!

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