Banana Leaf Basket Set (3 Baskets)

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Our round wicker baskets are expertly handwoven out of recycled banana fiber. Each basket is made by our artisan team in Nicaragua using century old weaving techniques. Perfect for pillows, blankets, and books in your living area. 

The banana fiber we use is traditional tossed away as waste after harvest. Our team recycles this banana fiber and transforms it into beautiful baskets. The organic look fits great in any room. 

The baskets comes in 3 sizes. 1 Large Floor Basket, 1 Medium Storage Basket, 1 Small Accessory Basket, or as a complete set.


Large Floor Basket: 16in diameter x 12in height 

Medium Storage Basket: 10in diameter x 8in height 

Small Accessory Basket: 6in diameter x 4in height 

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