Every product purchased fuels our mission to

Making the world a better place one hammock at a time.  

Economic Development

We employee our artisans with fair wages allowing them economic empowerment for themselves and their families. We partner with organizations who work with families in poverty that provide them with better living.

Sustainable aid

Every hammock sold contributes towards building a home for a family in need. 10% of your purchase goes directly towards building a home for a family in rural Nicaragua. Your support funds families in Nicaragua that hand make our hammocks. We are honored to help such a great community.

Relax, you’re making the world a better place.

When you purchase a WholeStory hammock you become a building block towards a better future.

The WholeStory

We believe our customer should know the "wholestory" behind each product we create. We want to educate you on our sustainable supply chain, the artisans hand-making each product, and the family you are helping with your purchase. 


We have partnered with a family of artisans who have been handcrafting hammocks for over 80 years. Our artisans use a double handwoven technique that creates double the support of a traditional hammock. Our weaves form to your body and are super soft and durable, creating the most comfortable hammock you'll ever lay on!


Impact- Nicaragua is the 2nd pooreset country in the western hemisphere with 46% of the population living on less than $2 a day. Nicaragua has been plagued by extreme poverty, civil war and natural disasters for over a century. We have found an amazing non profit partner called the 4 WALLS Project who are building a better future for families in El Sauce, Nicaragua. 4 WALLS builds homes for families in need in rural Nicaragua. Help us build our 5th home for a family in El Sauce, Nicaragua. 

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